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For all you need to know about POP, read 'How POP works: the basics' and watch our videos in English, Punjabi and Gujarati

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POP's Gold Pass holders receive eight VIP benefits for 5 years – read about these and watch our fun Green Street video

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Watch our television commercials about how POP proposes to fly you non-stop in 8 hours from the UK to Amritsar and Ahmedabad

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POP's intention is to bring east and west together: friends and family, business and commerce – while helping society as a whole

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51% of POP’s profit will be given to charities in India and the UK. We are literally putting People Over Profit – POP! It’s all in the name

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The ‘POP’-osition

People Over Profit (POP) aims to be a new airline with a unique way of doing business, which is built upon a very simple premise – we call it a ‘caring capitalist’ model. As well as wanting to provide non-stop flights between the UK and India’s second cities of Amritsar and Ahmedabad, POP will give a minimum of 51% of its net profits to charities working in the communities it serves in both countries. POP’s charitable-giving will help orphanages and children, mothers and women, provide education, and assist the hungry, homeless, destitute, disabled and elderly in need – along with the physical environment. Currently we are not an airline, but to make it a reality, join us today: Gold Passes are being offered to those who want to become an essential part of the POP family. We are committed to putting People Over Profit – POP! It’s all in the name

How POP works: the basics

This is simply how POP will work, but without your help there will be no airline and no flights. For all you need to know about POP, read our eight-point guide below and watch our videos in English (by Nino Judge, POP Chairman), Punjabi (by Bobby Bhakar, Director of Sales) and Gujarati (by Mahendrasinh Jadeja, POP Commercial Consultant)

POP wants to fly non-stop direct on state-of-the-art aircraft to the second cities of India, starting with Amritsar and Ahmedabad, from a date in 2017, yet to be announced. We CANNOT DO THIS without your help


To help to fund the launch of POP we are offering POP Gold Passes, for which you get eight great VIP benefits for five years. In order to start the airline, 7000 Gold Passes must be purchased.


We are offering POP Gold Passes by a method called crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a proven funding model that has been used with great success in the UK to fund everything from small community projects to big budget feature films. With your help, POP’s rewards-based crowdfunding offer might be another one in a long list of successes.


As well as seeking significant private investment, our crowd funding target is £3.5million, which equates to 7000 Gold Passes. The money you hand over for a POP Gold Pass will be held safely in a guaranteed account (escrow) until the end of the Crowdfunding Offer Period by an independent, specialist company called Trillion Fund.


If the £3.5m target is not reached, you will be informed of this, and will receive back £480 of the original £500 (the £20 difference is an administration fee that covers legal indemnities, services, and a contribution to charity). This follows crowdfunding rules. Further information is available in the Gold Pass T&Cs on this website


If, however, the total £3.5m target is reached, you will be informed that we are moving forward positively, and Trillion will trigger the POP GOLD SEAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE by passing the funds to POP’s solicitor’s client account with the irrevocable order that these funds must remain in that account until the departure of the first POP flight. FlyPop makes this commitment to all Gold Pass purchasers:


So the aircraft leases, recruitment, permissions and granting of licences and setting up of reservation systems required to launch the first POP scheduled flight will have been secured before any of the Gold Pass holders’ money is spent.  Furthermore, if POP is not launched for any reason whatsoever and FlyPop does not make it to that first flight, Gold Pass holders will get their money back as described above. Once again, further information is available in the Gold Pass T&Cs on this website.

Once the FlyPop team has set up the airline reservations system, POP is in the air ticket sales business! You will then be informed and invited to book your actual tickets for our flights, which by that time will be firmly scheduled.


POP is different to other large companies as once we start flying, and earning money, we will then give a minimum of 51% of profits to charity; you will get a say in which charities we support and we will show you the good work achieved


In summary, for a total risk of £20 (part of which goes to charity) you can help launch a new airline flying non-stop direct to India’s second cities, help others via charity, and change the way business operates, to make business and charity equal partners.

We think you’ll agree that it's worth it!


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I want a Gold Pass – yes, it's that good!
POP’s Gold Pass holders receive eight VIP benefits for 5 years – the first 7000 members get an extra benefit too!
Interior of the Airbus A330-300 in POP livery
POP’s vision is for a different kind of modern airline: one that looks after both its passengers and those in the communities it serves
Our Vision
Railway Children
POP's partner charities in India and the UK do inspirational work in the very communities in which you live – they make your world a better place
Charity Partners
Entrance to the Golden Temple complex, Amritsar
It's easy when flying with POP non-stop to Amritsar (Punjab) and Ahmedabad (Gujarat). There really is no excuse not to visit!
Our Destinations

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POP has been very busy spreading the word about its new airline to India. If you missed anything, you can read all about it below

Dreams Come True is delighted and excited to be chosen by POP as a charity partner. The vision and the values of POP are forward looking, progressive and socially responsible, and their success will bring benefits not just to their customers, but to many disadvantaged people in the communities they serve. We are proud to be associated with them

Peter Newman, Chief Executive, Dream Come True

Pratham is proud to be partnering with POP in a venture that is both visionary and revolutionary. If more businesses put people at the centre of their strategy rather than just balance sheets, we would soon be living in a more equal and sustainable world

Vinati Sukhdev, Executive Director, Pratham

We’re really excited about the partnership between Railway Children and POP. POP and its customers will be helping us to change the lives of vulnerable children in the communities they’re travelling to. It’s an inspirational new way of doing business and we’re delighted to be involved

Terina Keene, CEO, Railway Children

We're honestly astounded by this idea – why has no one thought of it before? Finally an organisation looking after more than those at the top!

Peter Garrett, Director, Serenity Digital

We are delighted with the partnership between SkillForce and flyPOP, which will help us to transform the lives of children and young people on our educational programmes by enabling them to develop resilience, self confidence and the belief to succeed

Ben Slade, Chief Executive, SkillForce

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