Mahendrasinh C. Jadeja joins the POP campaign

POP appoints the respected Mahendrasinh Jadeja as its Commercial Consultant.

Author: POP
Date: 16th June 2016
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Mahendrasinh C. Jadeja

Mahendrasinh C. Jadeja joins the POP campaign 

POP - People Over Profit, the new, low-cost, long-haul airline in the making, which plans to operate the only current non-stop flights between the UK and India's second cities, has appointed the respected Mahendrasinh Jadeja as its Commercial Consultant. 

Mr Mahendrasinh Jadeja has been an active ambassador and voice of the Asian communities across the UK for over a decade. His impressive track record of success in promoting the concerns and successes of Asians both in the UK and across India speak volumes about his dedication and commitment to the community.     

Mahendrasinh Jadeja holds several executive posts with an impressive reach to the Asian diaspora: Secretary General - NCGO (representing over 850,000 Gujaratis living in the UK), Senior Advisor to the UKABC (UK Asian Business Council), Vice President - BOPIO (British Organisation of People of Indian Origin), Executive and former Vice President - SPMS-UK (Sardar Patel Memorial Society - UK) and President of the RSUK (Rajput Samaj of UK).

Mahendrasinh Jadeja speaking at launch party

Mahendrasinh has campaigned tirelessly for non-stop flights to Ahmedabad for many years. He has built strong cross-party links with prominent members of parliament and government officials and will be a great asset to the POP campaign. 

Mahendrasinh will be actively supporting the POP Gold Pass campaign and making sure that this great opportunity is not missed by any individual who wants to fly at low-cost and non-stop into the secondary cities of India. The community and social-giving aspect of POP’s business model – giving 51% of profits to charity, whilst providing a service that is so valued and in demand – is what has driven Mahendrasinh to back POP fully. POP is confident that every organization in the UK will soon be hearing about the Gold Pass campaign given Mr Jadeja’s reach.

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