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An interview with (Nino) Navdip Singh Judge, Chairman & Principal and founding partner of POP

Nino Judge

Author: POP
Date: 15th July 2016
Keywords: Interview, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, India, Charity, Crowdfunding, Non-stop flights, Caring Capitalism

Nino Judge Interview

Q: You’re not only in the process of launching a new airline, you’re also doing so with a very different kind of business model. Can you expand on that?

A: It’s all in the name really. POP stands for People Over Profit and that’s at the heart of our vision. By operating the first ever direct non-stop flights between the UK and two of India’s key second cities - Amritsar in Punjab and Ahmedabad in Gujarat - we’ll be creating new opportunities for communities in both countries to get together, whether for social or business reasons.

Nino Judge Interview

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