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flypop is looking to partner with a top Indian chef

Are you a celebrity Indian chef or do you know someone who is? flypop is looking to partner with a world-renowned chef to design and deliver authentic South Asian cuisine to its customers.

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Author: Team flypop
Date: 28th January 2020
Keywords: Press release, Interview, Aviation

The low-cost, long haul airline, which is due to start services to the second cities of South Asia from London Stansted later this year, is planning to provide only the best quality Indian meals to customers on its non-stop direct flights.

Instead of a just a sandwich and a beverage which you get with most low-cost airlines, the idea is that flypop customers will be able to enjoy proper food, including Indian biriyanis and samosas, for a modest additional fee.

Furthermore, because flypop’s aircraft will fly more than six but less than ten hours, they will return to their Stansted base at the end of each day meaning they can provide fresh ingredients and spices directly from the Indian sub-continent.

Says flypop Founder and CEO Navdip ‘Nino’ Singh Judge:

"Just as celebrity chefs have worked with other airlines on bespoke menus, we are looking to do the same with flypop. We think it’s really important that our customers have a wide selection of authentic veg and non-veg Indian meals to choose from so they can really enjoy their journey with us. We believe that low cost doesn’t mean low standards but rather good value. With our buy-one, give-one initiative, flypop will provide one meal to the less fortunate in South Asia (and/or homeless in the UK) for every main meal sold on our fights. This way our customers can tuck into a delicious and authentic meal with true satisfaction."

Set to launch in 2020, flypop will initially fly to Amritsar in Punjab and Ahmedabad in Gujarat from London Stansted Airport. This will be followed by flights to other second cities of India and South Asia and eventually North America.

flypop is currently fundraising and more information can be found at

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