(Nino) Navdip Singh Judge

CEO and Founder

An Aeronautical Engineer with a diverse career path as British Army Officer, Bond trader/broker and Formula 1 Team Owner. Nino brings the vision, drive, culture and leadership to the POP management team

Nino Judge

With career paths in the heady worlds of both the City of London and Formula 1, Nino brings a wealth of financial and management experience to the POP team

After graduation from the Royal Military Academy (RMA) Sandhurst in 1985, Nino attended Southampton University and gained an MEng degree in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering, before joining Team Lotus F1 as a research and development (R&D) engineer.

After three years at Team Lotus he made a major career move and spent four years with Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan Chase as an ECU bond trader.

However, the lure of Formula 1 drew him back into the motor racing world where he was instrumental in bringing the Lotus brand back as Lotus Racing and later Team Lotus and Caterham F1. He held the position of Chief Executive of GP2 & Head of Driver Development Europe, and was also Managing Director of Litespeed F3 throughout this period, his very own Formula 3 racing team.

In his parallel City career, Nino was a Partner with bond brokers BGC Partners, until taking on POP full time in 2016.

Nino was responsible for the original concept that has now become POP, and as one of the original founders of the project – along with Graham Howat, Dr Cristiano Ratti and Bobby Bhakar – he has worked pro bono on the project to make it a reality.

Nino and Cris met in the first week at Southampton University and – after stupidly ignoring each other for the first couple of days – have now been best friends for over 30 years!

Other members of the team:
Graham Howat
Graham Howat

COO and Founder

An aviation professional to his core, Graham brings to POP as one of its original founders a lifetime of airline engineering knowledge and expertise from BA and HAECO (Cathay)

Richard Bate
Richard Bate


Richard is an aviation marketing legend bringing experience from BA Concorde, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and start-up experience from Etihad. His passion is product and customer service which is a match made in heaven for POP.

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