Dr Mandy Sharpley

Head of CSR

With experience in leadership, strategic development and evaluation in both business and psychology, Mandy leads on all aspects of POP's corporate social responsibility (CSR): charitable work, environmental policy and stakeholder relationships

Mandy Sharpley

With years of experience in leadership, strategic development and evaluation in psychology, Mandy leads on POP's charitable work, environmental policy and stakeholder relationships

After graduating with a BSc in Psychology from University College London, Mandy started as an Account Planner at Young & Rubicam Advertising Agency, London, where she was part of a team responsible for creating the communication strategy for advertising campaigns; this included targeting the right audience as well as setting the tone and message of the campaign.

She subsequently decided on a career change, becoming a Researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, where she later completed a doctorate (DClinPsych) in Clinical Psychology.

She quickly worked her way up the ranks within the NHS and is currently a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and the Lead Clinical Psychologist in west Kent, as well as a Trust Training Co-ordinator (TCC). In addition to patient work, the consultant/lead position involves strategy development, coaching, mentoring, and mediation within the NHS and leadership of various initiatives.

She has also had lead roles in service restructuring and tendering for new business. She designs and carries out audits and evaluations, and develops measurement tools. Mandy manages, clinically supervises and appraises a range of professionals. In her role as TCC she teaches on the University of Canterbury clinical psychology doctorate course, examines doctoral trainees, develops/delivers training for psychologists, and is chair of the selection committee. She is also a published academic author.

Mandy has worked on the POP project for a number of years and – as Head of Corporate Social Responsibility/Corporate Community Investment (CSR/CCI) – is responsible for developing CSR strategies that ensure POP makes a positive impact on both the environment and stakeholders, including consumers, employees, supporters and communities. Central to this is choosing the charities that POP supports and working with them closely to develop and evaluate the projects POP supports.

Mandy has worked pro bono on the project for a number of years.

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