Richard Bate

Chief Marketing Officer

Richard is an aviation marketing legend bringing experience from BA Concorde, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and start-up experience from Etihad. His passion is product and customer service which is a match made in heaven for POP.

Richard Bate

Richard has spent his 40+ year career with airlines and their Advertising agencies. Starting as a check in agent with BOAC in Bahrain, after graduation he took up a position with FCB as Account Manager on British Airways Overseas Division, and was responsible for the production of the launch advertising for Concorde. He continued his career at agencies such as Saatchi + Saatchi and GREY, always handling major airline accounts. He was responsible for the first TV commercial used by Emirates in the UK.

Since then, he has held senior marketing positions at Virgin Atlantic and Emirates – both when their numerical fleet size was in single digits. He was invited to join the start-up team for Etihad by the Abu Dhabi government, and as employee number three was responsible for devising the airline’s initial on-board product, and its customer service division.

In 2009, he was appointed Director Special Projects by Pakistan International Airlines, the first non-Pakistani to hold such a post, with a view to fine tuning their product to the expatriate diaspora. This diaspora is important to all the Gulf airlines, and of course to POP; his experience of formulating appropriate marketing strategies is therefore invaluable

Other members of the team:
Nino Judge
(Nino) Navdip Singh Judge

Chief Executive and Founder

An Aeronautical Engineer with a diverse career path as British Army Officer, Bond trader/broker and Formula 1 Team Owner, Nino brings the vision, passion, leadership and management experience to the POP team

Graham Howat
Graham Howat

Chief Operating Officer and Founder

An aviation professional to his core, Graham brings to POP as one of its original founders a lifetime of airline engineering knowledge and expertise from BA and HAECO (Cathay)

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