The team

Meet POP's four founders as well as members of its management team, who together all bring to POP a diverse wealth of experience and knowledge from many fields. Click on each team member for further details

Met the POP team

Nino Judge
(Nino) Navdip Singh Judge

CEO and Founder

With career paths in the heady worlds of both the City of London and Formula 1, Nino brings a wealth of financial and management experience to the POP team

Graham Howat
Graham Howat

COO and Founder

An aviation professional to his core, Graham brings a lifetime of airline knowledge and expertise to POP as one of its original founders

Bobby Bhakar
(Bobby) Balvinder Singh Bhakar

Commercial Director and Founder

A ‘savvy’ born-and-bred East Londoner, Bobby, who has always been aware of gaps and opportunities that appear in the marketplace, heads the commercial team

Mandy Sharpley
Dr Mandy Sharpley

Head of CSR

With experience in leadership, strategic development and evaluation in both business and psychology, Mandy leads on all aspects of POP's corporate social responsibility (CSR): charitable work, environmental policy and stakeholder relationships

Gary Stephenson
Gary Stephenson

Head of ICT

Meet the information communication technology (ICT) guru of the team, with over 17 years of experience and technical and analytical skills

Cris Ratti
Dr Cristiano Ratti

Head of Research and Founder

With years of experience in both the media/publishing and academic worlds, Cris is POP's main analyst and academic researcher

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