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POP's aircraft of choice is the Airbus A330-300 – the same modern aircraft as its established competition. POP’s passengers would expect nothing less

Aircraft exterior

POP is aiming for the first flight to depart from Stansted Airport using state-of-the-art Airbus A330-300 aircraft in POP livery to Amritsar (Punjab) and Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

POP’s aircraft of choice, the A330-300, is similar to that used by our more established and expensive competitors flying into and out of Delhi and Mumbai, including the legacy ‘national carriers’ British Airways and Air India, as well as Virgin Atlantic and Jet Airways.

In fact, the A330 remains the preferred option for over 100 airlines worldwide, flying to over 400 destinations each week on both established routes and expanding markets, such as POP’s new routes to Amritsar and Ahmedabad.

The A330 is the most modern and reliable family of aircraft in the market today due to its proven and unrivalled low operating costs, high efficiency, flexibility, reliability and optimized performance. It is less polluting, less noisy (with a quieter cabin) and more fuel-efficient than the competition, along with a huge cargo hold. An efficient fleet with lower operating costs translates into lower ticket prices for POP’s passengers – and a less polluted world.

For passengers, POP's desire to use A330-300s means it plans to offer a truly 21st-century travel experience. POP intends to have an all-economy arrangement of around 380 seats. (The A330-300s can take up to 440 passengers, so POP’s planned seating arrangement means there is a little bit of extra space for everybody.) Normal seating will be offered with a 31-inch pitch – the same as our more established competitors, along with around 80 ‘Gold Economy’ seats at the front of the aircraft, which have extra legroom at around 34 inches. This seat pitch is the same as that given in Virgin Atlantic’s extra legroom option flying into and out of Delhi.

A330-300s are also designed to give passengers a great in-flight experience. Additional headroom in the cabin, for example, means there is more space in which to stow carry-on hand luggage. Other features include a twin aisle arrangement which improves passenger comfort and eases movement throughout the cabin. POP is aiming for the aircraft to have a wi-fi option for those who want to watch their entertainment on mobile devices.

Aircraft interior


From the outset, it is intended that a proportion of cabin staff will be ethnic Indians with proven language skills. ‘Exceptional cultural sensitivity’ will define the POP customer experience when interacting with POP’ staff.

The reason why POP can now fly to Amritsar and Ahmedabad is that these were some of the very first airports in India to be refurbished to international standards especially to receive the new larger types of aircraft, such as the A330-300, then becoming more commonly used by international operators such as POP.

With modern, state-of-the-art aircraft and all the comforts expected by today’s more discerning customers, POP is the natural choice when flying between the UK and Amritsar and Ahmedabad.

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